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However, I want to go back to what I said at the beginning. Make sure that the person’s effort comes before school …

He graduated successfully from any university you, you join the project in the school year, after the professional passion and effort that I mentioned, and you get a higher segments of the top training university you could be the best engineers in the area of ​​Turkey …

First of all, I pay my respects, I studied occupational health and safety at Uludağ University, I personally witnessed your success and experience in the field of occupational health and safety at Çetin HES dam and I saw you as an idol in this profession. How can we improve ourselves in this field and be good experts?

In order to be successful in the field of occupational health and safety, I strongly recommend that you follow new developments. Just to have the applicable international safety certificate is not in Turkey and abroad will provide a huge advantage to you. Obtaining certificates such as NEBOSH, OSHA, IOSH will provide very good opportunities in terms of both finding a job and improving yourself. By the way, English must be at a good level.

From this point on, I recommend you to do your job lovingly, not only to do business, but to add value to people and your environment.

My average is 3.83 and I am top of the department. I want to continue in this way and complete my master’s degree and stay as an academic at the school, I will ask you to inform about the difficulty of this. Do I have the chance to mold as an academician and realize projects in the construction sector?

It is good to know that you will become academics at the school and raise successful students like you. The academic career process is a long, arduous process. In this process; You need to follow the literature, constantly update yourself, do original work and come up with new ideas. During this period, choosing a specific topic for yourself and concentrating on that topic will make you more successful. For your academic career, I recommend you to take part in your education abroad and to have a good command of the world-class literature. I think he can take part in engineering practice and pursue his academic career together. You will need to work twice as hard for this. But I think you can make both of them work with perseverance. I am one of those people who continue their academic career while working in the construction industry. I think you will also be successful in this goal. I wish you lots of luck and success.

This year I just graduated from high school and I am thinking of civil engineering, but my drawing is very bad… Do you have to draw by hand in exams or in the field?

Drawing and design course, which is generally given in the first year in civil engineering, is one of the important and necessary courses in terms of engineering. If I talk about its importance; Engineering requires you to think analytically, to find solutions to problems, to design solutions in your mind, to express what you have designed by hand drawing or computer drawings. This course improves the ability to choose the appropriate design according to different criteria from the possible designs that you will solve, and your ability to make computer-aided drawing or drawing by hand during design.