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And of course you need to bring the foreign language as well as as possible. Using the language fluent and active is very very important in business life.

Hocam I’m reading mechanical engineering. I want to work in defense industry is my only thought in this job. How do you think my classes should be, what are the most important? Should I have my score to pass with a better university with a horizontal transition? Can you give me the tricks to be a successful student?

To be graduating with a successful GPA in order to capture business opportunities in the defense industry and other eyes, it is important to know some drawing and / or encoding programs other than the school curriculum, to know the foreign language, to know the foreign language, internships in the subject.

Mechanical matters such as static, dynamic, strength, machine elements that are most important to defense industry. I think it would be very useful for you if you can also sit well with electrical and electronics and computers.

Information on the base / ceiling scores and quotas in university transitions should be the most healthy from the sites of the faculties or students to learn from the students of the students.

As to the trick; In addition to being a successful and curious individual, it is to develop as much as I can in the first paragraph as I can.

I am a 3rd grade student of Industrial Engineering. Unfortunately, I unfortunately I couldn’t improve myself as I want. In particular, I could not provide enough my English development. My level estimated A2. One of my teachers said we were late we have not started to improve our language from 2nd grade. Do you think I am deemed to be late for a good English too? How can I close this deficit in a healthy way?

Even if the Hocan has stated something this way, 1 year is not counted from the loss of the motivation. I can’t say a period in this way but you can make it as soon as you start with all your motivation. You can develop not less than 1.5-2 years. If you have shortcomings on the grammar level, you can start at the course, if the grammar is good, you can take advantage of the sites related to speech. You can also read English books, you can watch English subtitles.

I’m an Environmental Engineering Preparation class student at Çanakkale Eighteen March but I have hesitant and fears. I know that I need to improve myself with more and I feel like I’m going to be unemployed if I develop but still how much I would improve. It can be sourced from the university I’ve read a little too. I’m warming up to the section but I think if I am changing my part of these reasons to other engineering branches. I am very disbelief that I am very appreciated if you declare the idea.

At a very valuable university, you are reading in a section I think that my front is very clear. I’m getting 100% English training at school with my knowledge, I believe this is very important.

For our graduates of the Environmental Engineering Department, I believe that these possibilities will increase in the investor side, banks and public institutions in the sector, and in the coming years in the coming years.