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In my case in particular I should also work on the fear of being alone, I am 36 years old and despite being aware of the mistakes I made in the past, sometimes I think I have wasted all the opportunities, unfortunately the wasted time (therefore wasted life) with the wrong men will never come back.

Ilaria, I met an exception in person. A guy who refused to eat when he was left by his girlfriend. Notice the word exception. For others, love is a piece of the pie, not the whole pie. The mistake of many women is to confuse a slice with the whole cake.

ahhahahahah Vic thanks you made me smile with your comment, I swear! obviously it’s not that I go out with a guy and say “you know I’m a busy girl and I’m not like a one night stand!” it didn’t go like this … a question that he asked me “why someone like you she’s single “I replied that among other things, I’m busy for anybody and that most guys just want one night’s adventures and I don’t need that for now.”

Woooow Nimue! I devoured your words and I confess they gave me a shake (positively). Perhaps, listing those virtues, I have passed for presumptuous and not very humble, but I am not at all, on the contrary … I think you have hit the mark when you talk to me about severity. I have always been with myself, severe and tough, always demanding a lot, perhaps too much. Maybe this attitude will also be projected onto others and then these are the results, off with your legs! 🙁 Yet I could not remain indifferent to his indifference, I had to tell him what I thought, albeit with harsh tones, most likely so he ran away even faster. But I wonder Nimue, how can she be seen with a negative meaning , the fact of taking seriously an acquaintance that, on both sides (yes because I did not make a film myself in my head), demonstrated the initial conditions for becoming something more? And what do you want me to do when he tells me that it is a bad time and he does not know what you want … that I am waiting for him ?? maybe until he goes wrong again with his ex ?? because we know where the heated soups go … it is very nice to hear your opinion, in the meantime I hug you and thank you

I don’t think you are conceited in the slightest.