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I am with a man who is 15 years older and around me I see many girls who are with men who are 8-11 years older, sometimes even 12-15 or 20 more. Ask yourself a question instead of blaming older men and women.

Nothing doesn’t come to you the fact that nowadays no matter how hard you work (and unfortunately always in a state of uncertainty and not continuous), you can only keep yourself. But many girls want everything right away. beautiful and who in addition to the physical also have a great brain and therefore have more decision-making power over any guy.

But to those frigid ones who do not commit to socializing with someone who is not of her inner circle, when they do nothing to improve themselves spoiled by parents who since they are infants are used to being the princesses of the house and therefore the hands if they have never dirty them they prefer the done and finished one even with a much older age, but you keep saying that today’s kids spend their money on drinking and video games

I think that the woman is looking for the man who has something to offer her: the shit that is beta or alpha is always shit. Everything else is boring

The reality is that women love to be intrigued and discover someone’s life, which is not the one already known by their peers and even the one never really considered by their parents no doubt shakes anything. a real substance in a short time bores, like that pair of shoes they bought and wanted at any cost but now maybe they are no longer suitable or too extravagant … or too ordinary. In the end they look for that sweater or that jumpsuit from a few years ago, that they don’t even notice, but, this is the only one that really warms the heart and makes you feel at home.

Better a mature man who knows what he wants, who knows how to treat a woman and how to live with her instead of all those mammons who need to be looked after in all respects. Enough with these homunculi who play at being adults but think only of football, boring, inconstant and unreliable. Mature men of today, except for the eternal classics Peter Pan, are charming, intriguing and interesting. They know how to hold a conversation without falling into banality, without being ridiculous and foolish. They have a history and know their stuff. Under 40 it is difficult to find an adult man, most of them, unfortunately, are still children to grow up.