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In addition, we continue to be very active in social networks giving resources to families to continue exercising at home. It seems very important to us. “

And about the event he thinks that “it was a pioneering day, where we could meet the demand for this noble art, be able to give them a space or simply a first contact to jump another barrier in sport, which is what it is all about.”

Haszten also wanted to formalize Jonfer’s official sponsorship of the association in a small act. “I am very grateful and I hope to contribute everything I can and meet the expectations of the families. They are an exceptional group of people who do an incredible job and together we are stronger. ” relates.

The initiative was already in the kitchen, with a date set before summer thanks to the Erandio town hall, with which the association has an agreement (it was going to take place in its sports center), and it was resumed at its offices in Romo. In addition, the local boxing club Uppercut would be the partner of the event, providing the material that would have been needed among other things.

Contact had not been completed with all the contact sports professionals who were in mind, since the idea was also to be able to teach notions of self-defense to athletes and their families, and inform the relevant sports authorities of the steps to follow .

At the end of February the first National Congress of adapted boxing took place. The Spanish Boxing Federation presented a conference of events and talks at the Infanta Cristina Sports Technification Center, located in Los Alcázares (Murcia).

Among others, Nacho Ramos participated, who has had to go to other countries to get official titles, because in Spain, although they are working on it, adapted boxing is still not official.

“I am very excited about new projects. This one in particular motivates me for the cause itself. I have never had contact with adapted boxing and it is a golden opportunity both in Euskadi and in the north. I will have the support of the Uppercut club, that they have given adapted classes and have continual partners, and the Haszten monkeys, so we are sure that we all leave with a great experience the day it can be carried out. “

“I am aware that people with functional diversity train in gyms and it seems incredibly worthwhile. I would like adapted boxing to be official, in other countries it already is and I know that the first steps have been taken here and we would like to collaborate “, he points.

“A boxing championship adapted from Euskadi? Who knows … it would be to break another barrier for sport in general and especially for ours. I have read some news that the WBC supports it and has laid some foundations. I hope it spreads throughout the world and may even make it to the Paralympics. “ Contact us | If you want to advertise on this page, click here | Meet our team